Latest Job Done

I love photography.

I love rising to a challenge, being commissioned to portray something with the liberty of putting in my little touches. Feeling that the person who is giving you the job trusts you and that you have to come up with something that will be liked by him. I think that this liberty might have to be earned but once it is given the creative mind can wander around with more liberty and in so doing giving better results. One such job was the one portrayed below.

I was called upon and taken on location to this property. The owner just mentioned the simple ideas he had, what he wished to portray and finished up by saying, “Well you know what’s best” and that is all I  needed to hear. The whole recipy of what I needed to do was being  written in my mind.

Well a day, a dirty pair of trousers and shirt later, plus some hours of photoshop and my vision came out.

I posted it in the vertical because I am sure that it will not fit on my screen and it would have distorted the image.

Any comments and critiques are more then welcome


3 thoughts on “Latest Job Done

  1. I cannot critique hehe… I am pretty much a point and shoot-leisure-taking-photos-for-facebook kinda person. All I can say is that if someone was advertising this property and i saw this photo it would definitely entice me to go take a look. It looks so warm and lovely !!

  2. Thank you for your kind comments. Well Alison as I said I had started with a point and shoot camera. Every one can take great photos, it’s just the initial results that put us down. Anyone can work on it with little effort and without knowing your shots will improve. We have been blessed by digital photography where the person behind the camera can see what he has just done and correct his mistakes. The only thing that you need to do is to learn how to achieve the results you want from the camera you have. I believe that we are surrounded by good photography and art. It just takes an extra min to study a bit more the object in front of you and ask yourself what is it that is interesting you. What is it that is holding you in front of it and keeping your eyes traveling through the photo.
    Photography is not just about presenting a pic to the world to see, it’s more about understanding the way how our eyes work, how they feed the information they see and feed it to our brains. When you go to a museum how is it that old paintings, which have been hanging there for centuries have not lost their sparkle of interest for us. How is it that that same painting has captured the eyes of so many people and left them awed. The subject is old, even the style, the colours might be faded so what is it that holds you there?
    The Master painters of the ages were amongst the first ones to know all this and the composition of their images composition still works today.

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