The Black and White Paris

As I have said before on my previous blog post, Paris is a treasure for street photography. Unlike the UK, you don’t get many people looking at you as if you are a criminal whilst taking photos. You don’t get stopped by the police and pulled to the side, asked a million questions. That is one concern I have with privacy law, it has choked the possibilities of street photography. I do understand the concept and the ideas behind it (the law) but it’s taking things a little too far. Personally, I find that street photography is the modern history book of our lives. These few photos I am posting here are from the land down below, the Paris Metro. The city which is busy one minute and a desert as soon as the train leaves. I tried to portray the life which has an identity of its own, the actions of the people change, everyone avoids eye contact, everyone is quiet. Everyone seems to know where they are going (other than my wife and me, who stopped at each and every underground map to check our whereabouts.) Everyone seems to be in a hurry to get back up under the sky, it’s as if the tiles around the stations were going to fall on everyone’s head at any minute. This behaviour is something which is endemic to every underground, it’s like there is some code of action that everyone knows about and obeys to the letter.

3 thoughts on “The Black and White Paris

    1. I have no fixed technique to be honest. I just build it up as it goes. Every photo has its own identity and special needs. Most of the times I use various layers of black and white adjustment layers but masking the areas I need to threat. Then burning and dogging to touch it all up.

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