the swings

One of the biggest advantages of having kids is to be able to go to the swings again. I can now ride them with the fabulous excuse that I am just accompanying my little one.  I am really so jealous of her. Today they have swings that we only dreamt about when I was little. I remember begging my parents to take us over. We would arrive there and the coloured (mostly rust in colour) swings looked like our Disney World. Most of the attractions were useless, as they were broken or some bully stayed on them without giving a chance to others. It was advisable to go prepared to the swings. To start with, taking a couple of Panadol was a must (at the time there were no Neurofen) so as not to get a headache from the mothers shouting “CHARLIE COME HERE, IF I CATCH YOU I WILL BREAK YOUR HEAD” at the top of their voice. If I had to hear my mum saying that to me I would have surely not gone anywhere next to her. Secondly it was better to go to a clinic and be vaccinated for tetanus because all the swings were a rust bucket. And finally it was advisable to start pestering your parents to take you there from a couple of days before. This being for one simple reason, in my days there were no playstations and no computers so the swings were always full up, being there early was crucial for us kids to extinguish our hyperactivity.

The kids of today are just spoilt for choice, they have top of the range playing fields (excluding the Vietnam style playing field of Marsalforn), they have ta’Qali, Playmobil Land, Funtown, Playstations and a never-ending amount of other attractions. So there is goes, in a very low voice so that my wife doesn’t hear the conspiracy “Munchkin do you want to go to out to play?” Which provokes an immediate reply from her “Yes, yes, yes!”.  And deep down I just say “YES YES YES”and to my other half, “The little one wants to go out, what do you think, should we take her to the swings???”

PS and yes I forgot that we did have some thing in my days called Popeye’s Village, but it does look much better now then when it was built

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