One of the first fields of photography I had started with were landscapes. I was very limited, due to the lenses I had in my arsenal. My first digital camera was an ixus and it had this innovative function to take panoramic by showing you where your last photo ended and then stitching photos together on computer. It was interesting but became a little boring to see just green fields or just blue skies. Walking through the streets I thought of  something that I had read in a magazine “Urban Landscapes” but the only ones I had seen were more similar to architectural shots than what I had in mind.  So as usual with any of my photographic experiments I tried to find as much information online, as this usually cuts down on time going to and fro to re-take the photos due to silly unexpected mistakes.

First thing I learned was that it was advisable to take the photo in portrait format not landscape and to also shift the camera to manual setting. Then I was supposed to fork out a lot of money on some noodle ninja so as to make good for some thing called parallax error. Cary a tripod and spend a long time to set them up. Well I tried it my way and this is what came out. Some of these images are a complete 360˚ whilst some others are about 180˚


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