What a day, all the sun in the world came out today, perfect lighting for the perfect photo, absolutely stunning. The only problem is that I couldn’t take even one photo.
We had an easy morning, and enjoyed breakfast with my daughter and wife.  Finally got out of the house to meet some friends of ours whom I hadn’t seen for ages. Two minutes on the chair (the waiter hadn’t even brought me my beer) and the phone rings and there it goes. “We need you to come in to work as soon as possible”. Damn it, do they have cameras to see when I was about to stop for a bit of a rest? Went home in a rush, shifted everything into my car and off to work. Drove like a maniac to make it in time. Got to work, palmed and tried to park. Dream on little kid, thirty minutes in the parking waiting for my turn to get a parking slot. Exactly as I was going to move into my slot an idiot with tinted windows, low profile tyres, loud exhaust and an entire forest hanging from his mirror (most probably to cover the stink that came out of his mouth) tries to make the move and take my place. Well my car is not one of those shiny cars, she has never known the smell of soap and has a heavy duty bullbar on the front. They say that slow but steady wins the race, and that size does not matter but believe me, all these philosophical preachings did not work today. I kept my way and put my head into the slot, looked at the driver and gave him the look so as to say that I didn’t mind another scratch on the bullbar.
He quickly reversed, turned half his tyres into white smoke and vanished like the mad hatter. Finally I got out of the car and on to the ship and haven’t slowed down since. After nearly ten hours at work there seems to be a little light at the end of the tunnel. The queue seems to be reaching its end.

Sunday, what a day, it’s supposed to be a family day for people to rest and relax. Forget it. I need a holiday and I need it now.


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