Courses to be held in Gozo

Well, photography here in Gozo is finally picking up and we are trying to set up a course together with MIPP (Malta Institute of Professional Photographers) to cater for the ever growing community. I have had to learn most of my knowledge through reading magazines (luckily enough this is what brought me together with my wife as she sells magazines) and through a lot of research over the internet. I attended two courses in Malta and I know what a hassle it usually is. So knowing that there are many enthusiasts over on this island, and knowing that there is a keen interest to form a group with a common interest we just went ahead and started it.

My friend and myself set up a fan page to see the feedback and if people were really willing to attend and to our surprise the response was excellent. In no time whatsoever we had emails coming in, our target was reached and surpassed.

We had just attended a seminar organized by MIPP who brought over to Malta a world class photographer Bjorn Tomassen. I can never thank Kevin Casha enough for setting up the seminar and Bjorn for giving us so much in so little time. Everything was made so simple and elementary that even my grandma could have understood him. This is just one photo I took on the day, some others will follow

Model on the day was Georgette Beacham

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