As I promised you I did edit another photo from MIPP last seminar by Bjorn Thomassen. This time I am letting you in on the editing of the photo. I just need your opinion. Sometimes it’s very easy to get carried away with the editing process

This is the starting image which has already been edited in camera raw. I find it to be a little flat and wanted to pop out the colours of the dress.

Next I wanted to boost a little the contrast and remove all the distractions so that the eye remains only on the model.

This was working fine but I still think thought that the back ground needed to be given a little more separation from the skin tones. So I masked the model and worked solely on the background using channels.

Just a little more retouches, sharpening here and there, softening of the skin and a little glow and there you are.

So there you have it. What do you think?

It’s now your turn to give some feedback. I love to be criticized on my work. You might see things which I didn’t even look at. I thank you all in advance and thank you for sparing some time to see my blog.


2 thoughts on “Georgette

  1. I may a weird one . . . but I prefer the first photo . . . the way you snapped it. It’s more natural. The last photo is dramatic, but I find my self more focused on the color of the and than on the model. In the first, the color of the sand is so muted that I focus on the model immediately.

    1. I understand your way of thinking. The first one is very natural and none of the colours are fighting for each other. I think the major problem in the last image is that the texture of the rocks fights for more attention then the main subject.

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