Some other photos I found in my laptop

At work life looks faster, especially when you have 900 passengers on board, cant afford to make many mistakes.

Some times it pays to wake up early before the rest of the world

No matter how many times I see this view from my office, it always looks great. Thats the advantage of working at sea, an always changing view

As seen from ashore, this stretch of see is a major contributer to the life we live on this island


4 Comments Add yours

  1. great set 🙂

  2. alisondee says:

    I have always wanted to go in the captains cabin on the Gozo Ferry to see what goes on hehe…like an aeroplane 🙂

    1. So next time you got to use the ferry and see that I am there just come up and you will see the place for real. Glad you liked the photo

  3. alisondee says:

    hehe ok I just realised it must have sounded like I was hinting at an invite hehe …. I wasn’t…but I might just take you up on your offer if i see you next time i’m on it 😉 merci

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