Who has never see a mural and thought that it was a work of art? Now who has never heard of Banksy? What Had happened to me was that I saw a mural, I thought it was a work of art and then I read the newspaper saying that a Banksy mural was spotted in Glastonbury. Mind you, his are as recognisable as a Da Vinci, a Picasso or a Dali’. His subjects are not always that similar but his ironic sense of humour is undoubtedly constant throughout all his work.

This was the Banksy I had seen and from then onwards it was all about discovering his work. It’s a pity that his work is on such a medium as a wall and that they can’t be grouped under one roof because I would be the first one to visit his museum. I have looked his name up on You Tube and so much came out from there. The man himself is not known to anyone other than a couple of friends of his who help him on his work.

His work has been spotted as far as on Israel’s wall. His messages are strong and ridicule authority to an extent.

At present copies of his work have been made into books and prints. They can be found for sale everywhere including ebay. I once read an article where a wall with a stenciling of his was sold by auction on ebay by the owner of the wall. The problem was how to take the wall home and replace it with another as these were the conditions of the seller. It’s amazing how this man has changed the way we see things. He has managed to change graffiti, murals, scribbles on the wall into an art which has branded his art name for ever.

One thing I do invite you to do, to understand the sense of humour of this artist is to follow this link:

The guy is a genius, putting his own work in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Many persons might have seen it as a prank but there is more meaning than that to me. It clearly showes that the people who do visit the museum and look at the art on the walls are so gullible. When we see a piece of art in the museum we accept it and appreciate it not matter what. If it is placed in the street it is just a pice of trash. So who is to say what goes on the

So who is to say what goes on the walls of museums? As I see it it’s all up to who you know and who knows you. The more of a people person you are, the bigger the chances that your work is appreciated and admired by others.

Look at the buskers in the street, as good as they might be they will never get paid as much as the artists in a Monmartre square. The value of art is set by the price that people are ready to pay for it. The type of art is set by the artist that chooses to do it. So if Banksy decides to paint on a wall, does it make him less of an artist just because people cannot buy it?

And this to me was one of the best with so much meaning. you can check out the video of it on you tube


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