Have you been to Valletta

How many of you know Valletta? It is our capital city and everyone knows that. But lately it has been the centre of many hot topics, arguments and discussions. Starting from Renzo Piano’s project continuing with the “Karozzini”, renovation of five star toilets in “Strada Stretta”

The city has been undergoing changes from the years of La Vallette, the godfather of the city itself. It has been bombarded by everyone and by everything, the bombs of the Italians and Germans during the Second World War, the heads of the Turks during the Great Siege in 1565 and the black dust from the power station. It has been paved and repaved, lit and relit but to tell you the truth its beauty is always flourishing.

I just love the way the old mingles with the new. The way the architecture of today is being adjusted so as not to conflict with the old. I love the way it looks during the day when it’s full of people, when it’s empty in the afternoon and the streets are cool due to the way it has been built. It’s just amazing during the night when everyone leaves and the young are left to mingle around.

The place is a treasure, a world of its own. Few locals venture through the forgotten streets and alleys past the main street shops.To tell you the truth I used to feel like a tourist the first times that I went shooting there. Looking high and low you start to discover that life in these streets has not changed much. It’s funny how the locals of this ever-changing city have kept their way of living and their traditions till this day and age. You still find the traditional grocer, carpenter, cobbler and “suq”.

What is happening now is that new blood is rushing through the streets of Valletta. Suddenly the exodus has ended and the taboo of being a citizen of the City has lifted. It has once again become ‘in’, the prices of the property there are proof of this. The best thing though is that the new citizens of the old city have the capital at heart and it is them who will revamp the city. They are new but love the old, they appreciate the heritage that each house carries with it. Valletta has seen so much but it seems to me that finally it will be getting much of its deserved respect. After all it is a city unlike any other, a Capital City with the capital “C”.


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