An other Glasto

As the days roll by the time gets closer to my most sought after event of the year, Glastonbury Festival. The line up this year is out and promises to be one of the best in these past few years. Its the 40th time its being organized and my personal fifth time to visit it. I always get exited about it no matter how many times I have been there, if any thing it gets more exiting every time. The thing is that you make friends every year you and you look forward to see them the next festival.  Every year people here of the great time at Glasto and that gets more people interested in the event. The place is big but it is still restricted  to the amount that can attend.

Glastonbury is a massive event and its not only about the music. Its about art, food, friendship, relaxation and camping out with friends. Every single minute  of it is exiting. From getting the tickets, waiting for the line up, booking flights and hotel, seeing who of the friends will be making it, getting the camping gear set up and getting all my photography gear ready to cover the event.

And finally before you have a look at the photos below here is a link which I always find useful. Its Clashfinder, this will help you see at what times the bands will be playing and what time allowance you have to get from one stage to the other. Its will be a little difficult for the first year Glasto Virgins but if you take a look at the Glasto map you will have a rough idea. Usually it will take you 15 min to get from the Pyramid to the Other stage ( with no mud and not too many people)

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4 thoughts on “An other Glasto

  1. your glasto pics are beautiful! found them via e-festivals. I’m so tempted to take my DSLR along but very nervous about my capability to look after it. looking forward to browsing the rest of your site.

  2. Hi i am a local amature photographer and i would love to go to Glosto next year to do photos could you tell me how to apply for a press pass and what extra dose it give you over a normle pass. Love you work keep it up.

    many Thanks


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