the little french bookshop


4 thoughts on “the little french bookshop

    1. yes, had never heard about it until we passed next to it. Then we saw the film, the wife got lost in their, I went up to Notre Dame and back (which is just on the other river bank, with an hour queue to get in) and she was still in the her little heavenly book shop.

  1. George: Is this done in HDR? Do you think that the blues and purples are a bit over saturated? Especially in the second photo? I have to admit that I am not a fan of HDR as it over-emphasizes reality (in my humble opinion), so if the saturation is a part of the medium, then disregard my comment.

  2. These are cross proceed. To tell you the truth even I don’t like HDR much and don’t use it at all. Although I do tend to manually balance some photos to bring out more detail from the shadowy areas, especially in whilst processing the raw file.

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