kid’s field

A lot of people ask if Glasto is child friendly, to tell you the truth I would love to be a kid every time I go up there. There are attractions which I could’t even dream about when I was a kid. I was so envious of my daughter last time we went to Glasto, she got to go on all the rides and I could only take photos of that. I wished to be able to have at least climb up the free climbing walls or have a look in the wooden castle.

She is going to miss it but at least it looks promising for next year (as the wife is into seeing Coldplay next year)

Well this is no kids field but some one did try there best to get into the spirit.


3 thoughts on “kid’s field

  1. thaqnks I was hoping there’d be some kidz field pictures on the ‘net to show the kids what to expect next year. that pink castle looks great!

    1. Got a lot more from last year but you know what its like with all the privacy laws in the UK (mind you I am based in Malta) but the laws seem to be slacking a bit.

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