Hard drives

The degital age is just great. One can take as many photos as they like. But at what cost? Its true we dont need film and we don’t need prints as we did before. But what’s hapining? I have been pilling hard drive over hard drive, each one with bigger capacity then the previous one. Cameras have become better, with better resolution and mega pixels blown off from every were. We tend to take best resolution, JPG and Raw ending up with such a  back log of work which never seems to get organized or even looked at. I for one am a very disorganized photographer. I mean its not by choice but be lack of time and rushing from one job to the other.

What I am hating is that you get a lot of ideas you want to work on or experiment with but you never have time. People are always in a rush and want there photos done yesterday. I keep on snapping my own shots in between always thinking or planning of what to do with them but thats were they end, in the hard drive with out ever seeing the brink of light of my computer screen. What a waste!  Some times whilst browsing through I find treasures that I would have completely forgotten about and some times I spend hours to find a photo that I would have remembered about.

These are some photos I had been looking for for ages but couldn’t find in mount hard drive. Finally thanks to my mac and the way people think at apple I got to find them.  So here they are, at least they will see a little light once again.


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