Favorite 2010 Glasto gigs

Paloma faith must have been one of my favorite new gigs

The queen of the whole event for me must have been Florence and the Machine

the best show on stage must go to Empire of the sun

most energetic show who else other then Faithless

The one I will not forget

for sending shivers down every ones spine Orbital

the bonkers guy himself Mr Dizzy Rascal

The mostly discussed band because every one really wanted to see U2 insted

Not one of my favorite but must say that this might have been one of the biggest crowed

Best gig on John Peel stage must undoubtedly go to Groovy Armada, and who can ever forget this track

Funkiest hair style La Roux

worth all the running to see them, The Editors

Best secret gig

The one that did not impress me much (didnt know if it was a Michael Jackson tribute whilst trying to shag a speaker)

An I think to the two oldest performers Steve Wonder and the father of Glastonbury himself Michael Eavis

And for those that are interested to be in the fields next year hurry up and get registered.


2 thoughts on “Favorite 2010 Glasto gigs

    1. hehe, try to go next year because the year after it will not be held most prob as they will take a year brake. There are all ready a lot of rummers and it sounds like a massive line up.

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