The Times of Malta

What a news paper, It cant even check out what it publishes.

The above photo was published on the newspaper reporting this was a meteorite  from yesterday’s meteor shower. I didn’t know that even meteors had to have strobe lights on their tail to fly into our atmosphere. This must have been some Nasa recommendation after 9/11. Surprisingly enough it is flying over Selmun in direction of Gozo, coincidentally in the same direction of the runway  at Luqa and in the same direction that all the planes were leaving the island yesterday. Standard gaffe for The Times, mind you it might prove that they are down to earth and not astronauts after all.

Thank  God The Times did not see the following photo, would they have sent this to NASA saying they spotted an omnidirectional meteor. I strongly suggest The Times include this is their annual photography book under the section “editor’s greatest discoveries”.


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