Whilst backing up my mac

I love my 5D but one thing I really hate about it though is the appetite it has for gigabytes. It’s like a woodworm that eats its way through at a ferocious pace. It’s rather scary. I remember when hard drives used to be to a max of two digits, then three and then terabytes. I recall hearing of the first terabyte hard drive and thinking of who and how the hell would someone consume that. Well, ask my 5D and with the help of my index finger the explanation becomes terribly simple and logical.

So today was one of those days where the pest control had to take control of the depleted hard drive. Today was back-up day. To tell you the truth it’s not that that scares me, it’s more that I’m scared of the following days when I have to prune all the material that I would have dumped into the hard drive. Without sorting out, it’s like you have thrown away all your work in a dark room and sealed the door with cement.

So once I was waiting for all those files to emigrate from my Mac into their solitary confinement cell I browsed around my Glasto 2010 folder and this is what caught my eye:


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