Alive and Healthy or not?

So lately my work got published on Alive and Healthy’s front cover and in an article inside too. You might say that’s great. Well it might have been if the work was attributed to me instead of being credited to some Pippa and the rest to someone Seguna. I couldn’t believe it.  Come on, these people were in contact with me for the photoshoot and the artwork all the time but they surely managed to get things completely wrong. Not only that but the photo chosen by them for the cover page was cropped to their liking but with all composition rules completely thrown out of the window. There are hands coming in from everywhere. To tell you the truth it looks like the Adams family “Hand” (or better known as Mano) paid the kids a visit (see them circled below). So should I tell the editor about the attributes or should I leave Pippa take the merit of the bad crop, leaving me out of the disastrous front page outcome?

Well that is the dilemma to which I already got the answer. Let her take the merit. Thank you Pip!


6 thoughts on “Alive and Healthy or not?

  1. unfortunately they are not really professional.
    i remember in my past job we had given vouchers for a break and spa treatments but they forgot to send them to the winner. it seems the winner had complained and a year and a half later, after the vouchers had been expired for about 6 months, the editor had the cheek to call to ask whether they could be renewed, when their validity was clearly stated on the vouchers!
    another time they actually used our spa treatment images without any credit whatsover! not once, but twice even though we had called to tell them about the breach of copyright the first time.

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