street art

Many people think that if art is not in a museum or in a gallery then its not art, how wrong could they be. They might have never heard about street art. These are artists that might not get the same amount of glory and respect, firstly because their art is considered to be a crime in a lot of places and secondly because their art tends to be removed shortly after.

To many peoples dismay there are still a lot of big names with in this subculture, this underground art which has not been given the respect it should undoubtedly be given. I lately have seen a film called “Exit through the gift shop” an underground documentary about these artists, such as Banksy, Invader and Shadow Fairy. Whilst seeing this film I noticed that through my travels I had seen these artist’s work in many countries. Finally these works of art had a name (not a face because most of them hide their identity)

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