Airport Impressions & Jean Pierre Gatt

If there is something that I hate is when people say that Malta is too small to compete with the rest of the world. I just sit and think to myself whether these people are too brainwashed and whether they know what is going on around us. We don’t need to win some stupid football game to feel great about this country. We don’t even need to win the Eurovision song contest. And about the latter, why do we continue to be faced with the same song writers and singers one year after the other? For crying out loud, look at our music scene! There are so many great and talented artists that deserve to be up there. I understand that they don’t want to be part of the “losers” that keep on pestering us with their charade one year after the other. Yes we did see some talent emerging from the festival itself but, come on, how many other names can you mention other then Ira Losco?

One group who I am a 100 percent behind is Airport Impressions. Now these people know what they are doing. No one who heard their music without knowing who they were would ever say they were Maltese. Not only that, but even if you had to see their video you would say that they were surely not Maltese. The standard of this video was so impressive, seeing it the first time I just had a feeling. I only know one guy who is so original, so meticulous, precise and has the capability to do such a job on his own, or with minimal help. Jean Pierre Gatt, you outdid yourself with this one. May I say that you impressed a lot of people including myself.
Now enough crap (excuse my English), have a look and tell me if I am right. Great work and let it be known that we are capable of taking up such ventures.


5 thoughts on “Airport Impressions & Jean Pierre Gatt

  1. Hi

    Thanks so much for the awesome comments mate. May I myself as frontman of Airport Impressions add my congrats to Jean Pierre Gatt, the Preca brothers and all who worked on this video.. Thanks again..

    Airport Impressions

  2. I agree with all you said..Airport Impressions are the best there is at the moment with regards to music,and Jp is the best in music videos…looking forward to working with Jp on a couple of videos next year…Good luck to Errol and company..

  3. Hi George,

    Thanks for the positive comments you write about me and my work… I greatly appreciate it and it only makes my try harder and get better. Big thank you to all people involved as Errol mentioned…Paul & John Preca Trapani, the band and their friends and the people who kindly offered their time to be part of this music video.
    Once again thank you George and keep up your awesome work..
    I am a great fan of your work..


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