Out and about

One thing that photos do is keep my memory spot on. I tend to not only remember the place once I see the photo but also remember the time, occasion, what happened during the day and many other things. This was one visit to Paris I will never forget. We just had made it there by mistake. It’s a long story but we had nearly missed our flight and took a cab to the hotel with a sleeping driver racing through the streets of Paris. My wife felt we were like Lady Di, just without the paparazzi. After all that we ended up in the hotel (not for long). For all those that intend to go to Paris DO NOT  and I repeat DO NOT fall into this trap. The hotel’s name is “Royal Fare” or as we nick named it  the “Royal Fart”. The only positive thing about it was that if you had enough strength to open the window without dropping it down five stories, you were rewarded with a decent urban view.

But that was all. Can you see the Eiffel tower? No, and neither could I, although they mentioned that it was visible from the rooms on their website. I think you have to be on the roof to see it as we were on the top floor. The other two photos were taken whilst we were waiting to walk into our replacement hotel, our beloved Hotel Champ De Mars. I can’t but give my two thumbs up to this hotel. Don’t tell anyone…I don’t want to find it fully booked next time we plan our next trip.


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