Got a love for these places. People who are used to the underground take them for granted and underestimate their importance in their social life.  To me it’s like going to a different country altogether. People react differently down there. They seem to change their behavior just like entering somewhere hostile. It looks like they feel under threat or even claustrophobic. People  avoid eye contact and are in such a rush to get to their next train. Have you ever stood there thinking of where they might be coming from or where they are going. How many are on their way to work, hospital, airport or maybe to their first date. This to me makes me think of how many parallel lives there are, just like the film “Sliding doors”. Most of these people don’t even own a car or even a driving license. They rely on the service and its punctuality.  We on the other hand lack such a service, our public transport is virtually inexistent. We are confined to the comfort and security of our cars but then we are exposed to other stresses. Stresses such as parking, speed cameras, traffic and road rage just to mention a few.


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