Hotel du Champ de Mars, we are back

I know that I haven’t posted for a long time and that many of you might think that I might have given up on my blog, but it was all for a good reason. My wife and I have made a pact to go to Paris at least once a year (to tell you the truth if we could we would move there) and last week was our Parisian week. This year we took our little one with us and also the little bun which is still in the oven (trying to get her/him addicted to the place even before birth). As usual we stayed in our favourite  hotel, the much loved Hotel du Champ de Mars. It has seen us as a couple, as honeymooners and as a family, and hopefully by next time it will see us with a new addition to the family. The hotel is a little two star hotel. It might be small but it has a heart of gold. The place is so central that on our first visit I couldn’t believe our luck. It’s situated between the Eiffel tower and the Les Invalides and a two minute walk from the Ecole Militaire metro station. You can’t be much more central then that. I will never forget the fist time we walked into our room, I just drew the curtains apart and just there in front of us, as an added bonus to our luck, we could see the sparkling Eiffel tower. The tower which has so many loved and cherished memories for the two of us.


5 thoughts on “Hotel du Champ de Mars, we are back

      1. We did exactly the same thing and as much as hotel living feels so much like a treat I think I prefer the apartment way a little more. We found the tiniest place in the Marais, just far enough from being too close to the main attractions. Paris is my favourite spot on Earth and I plan many more adventures there. You too I think!

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