Sopu Tower

Early morning anyone? I am accustomed to waking up early to go to work (03:30) so on my days off I don’t really fancy getting myself out of bed that early (before 06:30). A good friend of mine called yesterday and asked if I would be up for an early morning. To tell you the truth I am running out of sunset locations so I confirmed his request. Sunrise opens up the other side of the island. Thinking of it, the offer of a full fresh brewed coffee flask accompanying us was also a big plus. On the way to our chosen location we were both a bit pessimistic as the sky was overcast and slightly windy and this did not improve whilst getting out of the sheltering comfort of our car. Luckily enough we endured with our decision and I am so happy we did.


4 thoughts on “Sopu Tower

    1. Thanks for your comments livvy. Had a look at your blog and you have some interesting shots. You also have some potential landscape locations. I would be stuck out there with my camera and tripod shooting outdoors and editing on photoshop at night. Will be following your work and if you need any help just let me know.

    1. Thats an other field that this little island is rich in, History. We have some of the oldest, if not he oldest temples in the world. We have fortifications all around the islands and luckily enough lately there has been a restoration spree. Most of these magnificent structures have regained their glorious looks. This fort in particular is from the 1500 built by the Knights of St. John. The Archipelago was under the ruling of so many different nations so this contributed to a very elaborate historical heritage starting from before the stone age right through the second word war.

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