Wedding Day July 2012

Here is another amazing publication which features some of my photography. I must thank Jessica, a friend and photographer colleague of mine and also Josanne Cassar, publishers of the magazine Wedding Day. They form an amazing team who consistently deliver quality work through this magazine. I can never thank them enough for having faith in my photography. It means a lot, thank you guys.

I must also congratulate Jess for the amazing day yesterday. Jess, you made us all happy and it was an honour to be there to see you and Jakob tying the knot. The best of luck to the two of you.

You can view the whole magazine by clicking here: Open publication – Free publishingMore malta


One thought on “Wedding Day July 2012

  1. Oh.. sniff!!! I just read this now! Jakob and I CANNOT THANK YOU enough. Maureen and you made it special for us by being there and sharing this day with us. The light you set up with Peter was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen (and I’ve seen quite a lot). Words can’t express our gratitude for what you have created for us on our WeddingDay 😉
    I have so much faith in you and in your photography. Your talent and eye speak for themselves.
    Way to go!!! much love xxx J&J

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