Il-Gebla Tal-Halfa


8Q9A8564  8Q9A8559


8Q9A8614  8Q9A8643 8Q9A8647

8Q9A8642  8Q9A8656  8Q9A8588  8Q9A86058Q9A86128Q9A8623  8Q9A8624


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  1. Colette says:

    When I look at these photos I wouldn’t expect that these were taken in Malta or Gozo. They’re lovely.

    1. Well Colette, in all fairness this place is a bit difficult to get to and not many people know about it. On the other side we tend to overlook our islands, we are lucky to live here.

  2. i never tire looking at your landscapes… keep it up

    1. thanks Anthony, we should get some time to shoot so other landscape some time soon.

  3. These are sensational, great set

  4. Sharon Zahra says:

    Hi, great photos! May I ask you how to get there please? Was looking for that until I got to your page 🙂

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