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Just for you before you leave

I am sure you wanted to see more but I will let you wait just a little bit more. You will have some thing to look forward to come back to.

Food and kids

  Yes I did make a mess of myself as always but who didn’t at my age? I love food and food loves me. Well that is what she would have said if she could speak. Who doesn’t have kids photos of themselves in such a mess. Its part of being kids.

David’s bakery, a street style shoot indoors

So this months Lets Gozo magazine is out and I can finally put up some photos I loved from some of the shoots. I will start with the bakery first. Loved the place, a little too hot for me and my camera, but it was busy and great for black and white.  I wanted to…

How to catch a Robin

Kids are fun to have around and fun to shoot (photographically, not literally). So my little one is a pocket rocket, especially after she would have had her nap. I tried to put my camera to the test and may I say that the 5Dmk3 is no comparison to little Robin. She is too fast to capture,…

Wedding Day July 2012

Here is another amazing publication which features some of my photography. I must thank Jessica, a friend and photographer colleague of mine and also Josanne Cassar, publishers of the magazine Wedding Day. They form an amazing team who consistently deliver quality work through this magazine. I can never thank them enough for having faith in…