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Just for you before you leave

I am sure you wanted to see more but I will let you wait just a little bit more. You will have some thing to look forward to come back to.

Food and kids

  Yes I did make a mess of myself as always but who didn’t at my age? I love food and food loves me. Well that is what she would have said if she could speak. Who doesn’t have kids photos of themselves in such a mess. Its part of being kids.

David’s bakery, a street style shoot indoors

So this months Lets Gozo magazine is out and I can finally put up some photos I loved from some of the shoots. I will start with the bakery first. Loved the place, a little too hot for me and my camera, but it was busy and great for black and white.  I wanted to…

How to catch a Robin

Kids are fun to have around and fun to shoot (photographically, not literally). So my little one is a pocket rocket, especially after she would have had her nap. I tried to put my camera to the test and may I say that the 5Dmk3 is no comparison to little Robin. She is too fast to capture,…