Photography has played a big part in my life for the past 4 years. It started as a hobby , developed into a passion and progressed into a job.

for more info you can contact me on georgesaguna@gmail.com


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    1. cheers, but it’s with the help of many people that such shots come along. If you know of any one who is interested in any similar work just let me know hehehe

  1. your pics are incredible. forgive me if you’ve covered this already, but I couldn’t find any info on your camera and editing software. Do you mind sharing?

    1. Hi there nwphoto, don’t mind sharing at all. All the photos on this blog have been taken with Canon cameras. Cameras mostly used on this blog are canon 5dmkII, canon 40D and also canon 350D. With regards to lenses I have just replaced all of them to L serious lenses. At the moment I am using a 17-40mm L USM 24-70mm f2.8 L USM, 70-200mm f2.8 IS L USM, 50mm f1.4 USM and a X1.4 II extentender. Software used photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 3 together with a Wacom graphic tablet. Let me know if you need any advice with regard to equipment you need to purchase.

    1. You just made my day Dave. When I was picking up a camera for the first time I always looked at other people’s work as inspirational. They were my mile stones. The funny thing is that you always set your mile to be further and further away. Now hearing your comment, and after seeing your work you give me more self confidence ( some thing that most photographers lack ).

  2. Well done with your photos and glad you are doing well work wise,keep up the good work,i will keep popping back in for a look :0)bye for now.

  3. There’s something very moving about your photography. Would love to do a feature on life through your lens, on Malta InsideOut, some day.

  4. Wow Your Pictures are Eyecandy! could i Use Some photos for my personal Blog if needs be? I will give you credit (i will link them to your blog)

  5. Hi George, love the photo’s, especially the Glasto ones. I wondered if I could possibly use the photo /2010/09/glastoviewwm.jpg as I would like to create a canvas for my girlfriends birthday. Would it be possible to get a copy without the watermark? I understand you have to be protective of your photos so I understand if not but let me know if that’s cool and how you could send it to me.



    1. Thanks a lot Charles. These photos were taken for an article in a magazine. I finally find some time to edit them to my likings other then how they were published. Here is the link to the full magazine that came out with the times.

  6. Very powerful portrait, George! Great job.
    Thanks for visiting Clicks & Corks and liking one of my images: much appreciated.
    Take care

    1. Grazie Stefano per il tuo commento sulla mia fotografia. Il tuo blog mi e’ piaciuto per la semplicita’ del bianco e nero, e anche per lo splendore del vostro comune. Qualche volta dovrei visitare non solo il sito ma anche la localita’. Sono passato dalla vostra localita’ moltissime volte quando ero imbarcato. Il posto sembrava bellissimo dalla nave ma adesso vedo che dalla terra ferma sembra anche meglio.

  7. Grazie a te, George: sono davvero curioso di sapere come sai cosi’ bene l’italiano! Non e’ certo una lingua comune… O sei di origini italiane?
    Ma quindi quando eri imbarcato navigavi (anche) nel Long Island Sound? Che bello!
    Comunque, complimenti ancora per la tua fotografia e per il tuo stile! Tra le molte cose, mi sono piaciute molto le tue serie parigine.

    1. Veramento ero imbarcato a Genova ma passavo dalla Costa Amalfitana regolarmente tornando a Malta. Qui a Malta, la maggior parte delle persone capiscono e parlano l’Italiano, grazie alla TV Italiana che guardiamo!

      1. Ah, capisco! No, io ora sono negli US (Connecticut), ma non ho origini della Costiera (quello era solo un post su un produttore di vino che apprezzo molto) – le mie origini pero’ sono genovesi, per cui un altro posto che hai conosciuto bene! 🙂
        Ciao e ancora complimenti!

  8. I’ve never been to Malta, but after looking at your photos I’d love to go tomorrow! Well, hopefully I’ll see the beautiful islands soon… Wish you lots of inspiration and success. K.

    1. Most of the photos you see on my working with light blog are photos taken on the little sister island Gozo. It’a a less known island but its much more relaxed and more green. You get to Gozo by getting a 20 min ferry. Its an amazing place to walk around in winter and more lively during summer. So if you do need any help about the islands just let me know, will be more then happy to help you out.

      1. I’ve heard about Gozo. One of my friends went to Malta a few years ago – she loved absolutely everything and said that it was so beautiful, that it felt as if everything smelt of vanilla (I guess that her way of saying that she imagines Malta as Heaven on Earth).

        I will add your blog to Photography blogs we follow and will definitely drop you a line once I decide to come and see the Maltese islands.


        P.S. I’m Lithuanian, so if you ever decide to head east, let me know.

  9. Love the images and their bw treatment. You have developed a great look into your captures. Happy to have found your blog 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot for your kind comments and thanks for following. I loved the look of the old Kodac tmax, it reminds me of my childhood. I wanted to give that vintage look to a place which has not lost its old charm.

      1. PS. and with regard to Barcellona, thats another city I passionately love. I lived there for 6months, amazing place and people, the city of art.

  10. George, you have a very very inspiring blog. Its a treat for eyes!! Very versatile work and beautiful processing too.
    I have been to Marsaxlokk once, in 2002. From there I’d taken a bus ride to Valletta. Very friendly people and a very beautiful place. Back then I’d a film SLR and I’d exposed 3 rolls at Republican Street 🙂
    I’d like to re-visit Malta sometime again. This time I’d visit Gozo (or Ghawdex, as its written on Admiralty charts) too.
    Stay blessed!

    1. As i can see we share the same job (which is the sea) and the same hobby (photography) and I Live in Gozo, so any time you want to hop on over you are more then welcome. You will have to come on up with one of the ferries I work on so I will show you around the place from the very first step you make to approach the island. You can find my email around so keep in touch.

  11. I am a budding photographer (main interest is portraiture) and am inspired by your composition and post processing…

    1. Hi Josette, thanks for the complements and as I can see you are not only a budding photographer but also a fellow Maltese. I am from the little rock of Gozo. Have you came across my Working with light blog or Black and White Paris?

  12. George, I am a pure gozitan too 🙂 I don’t know you personally but I think I know you by sight. Anyway, I followed someone’s picture on fb, where you were tagged and discovered you were a photographer and thus visited your website. I am currently going through your bw photos and as I said before I really like your pp both in colour and in bw. Really like how you emphasize light, shape, patterns and lines in bw though.

  13. You photos are nice and show a real feeling. Adding a little contrast with levels and curves in Photoshop would improve them, but I am not commenting to critique, just making a comment. I am glad I found your site. Thanks again … Frank Hardyt

  14. Hi George,

    I would like to inquire where I can contact you in relation to Wedding Photography Services.


  15. Hello George, I’m trying to find an email for you… We were at Isa & Rico’s wedding in Zürich and I would like to talk to you about our wedding that’s coming up, can you please contact me with your details? Thanks, Judy

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