the old Shakespeare bookshop in Paris

Have been to this place over and over but I only noticed about half of the detail this morning whilst looking at the photos on screen and not from behind the lens. The place is just great, full of surprises behind every corner.

working with light

I did carry a little tripod around all Paris but when I came to use it I still didn’t find were to place it with out it moving over the period of time required. After getting really worked up I did remember about the title of my blog,  and there I found the answer. If…

Paris by night

One reason I love my 5D is because, you don need a tripod even at night.    


One thing that I have learned from experience is not to underestimate the potential of some photos when seen on the back screen of the camera.  This photo would have been one of those usually deleted ones but as soon as I saw it on screen in full size it hit me. It captures the…

Montmartre and the blue dots

This place is oozing with art. Its is home to the Espace Dali and many others but it is also the home of many big street artists including Spaceinvader. This year, though, I have seen a lot more street art sprouting around, this might be a result of the latest Banksy film “Exit through the…

My gold mine

The metro, don’t need to write much about it, it just speaks for itself              

Sex shops from Pigalle Paris

The Parisian red-light district is situated around the Moulin Rouge in the Montmatre area. Like most thing in Paris though its done in good taste and with some discretion to some point, but some are just over the top like this first photo “The Sexodrome” One little suggestion, do press on the individual photos to…

The Metro

It might be freakish but I just find this place to be so interesting. The Paris Metro is one of a kind and no matter how many times I use it there is always some thing that attracts my eye.  

The Seine

I have worked at sea for quite some time now, and it looks like I never get enough of it. This time in Paris we made use of the water hop on/ off  water bus. Pretty comfortable and efficient.  It stops at all the major attractions along the Seine, which are quite a lot. I…

Hotel du Champ de Mars, we are back

I know that I haven’t posted for a long time and that many of you might think that I might have given up on my blog, but it was all for a good reason. My wife and I have made a pact to go to Paris at least once a year (to tell you the…